Beat the train fare hikes with savvy savings on travel costs

Tuesday, 06/01/2015

It was a gloomy start for many rail commuters when they returned to work after the Christmas break; rises of up to 2.5% on season ticket prices meant many faced significantly increased travel fares in addition to the usual outlays that January brings. Frequently seen as an unavoidable expense, the following ideas show how it's possible to make significant savings on your daily journey costs:

Lift sharing

Despite the enormous savings to be made by carrying an extra passenger who then pays a contribution for fuel, lift sharing is still not as popular as it might be. Using employee noticeboards or the corporate intranet to advertise a spare car seat, or to request one, is often the best way of ensuring you end up sharing space with a trustworthy companion.

Try split ticketing

Surprisingly, it’s often much cheaper to split your rail trip into several smaller sections and buy a ticket for each rather than simply purchase a single ticket to your final destination, even if you cover exactly the same route. Buying different tickets for each leg of the journey is perfectly legal and you don't need to change trains every time you change ticket, although you need to check that the train you’re on passes through each station for which you have purchased a ticket.

Change the way you work

The rise of electronic working means that your geographical location is increasingly less important in many different roles. Many employers welcome requests from employees to work from home, schedule their hours over three days rather than five or start later in the day and then work into the early evening. All these options have the potential to save travel costs, so why not have a word with your employer and see what’s possible?

There are often ways in which significant travel savings can be made without needing to change jobs or dramatically alter your journey duration. Over time even saving a pound or two a day on commuting can really add up, so why not take a creative look at your travel costs and consider where savings can be made?

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