Five misery free ways to save

Thursday, 23/04/2015

Take a look at frugal living blogs or money-saving advice, and their suggestions frequently seem to involve unacceptably high levels of privation. Unless you’re desperate, wearing your coat indoors to save on heating or growing your (unwashed) hair in order to minimise on hair dressing and shampoo outlay isn’t the most appealing way to live life. Luckily, there’s plenty you can do to shave pounds off your outgoings without really noticing any commensurate drop in lifestyle. Here are five top tips to increase your savings without living like a post-apocalyptic survivor!

Switch your providers

From car insurance to groceries, shopping around can save you hundreds of pounds. Use price comparison sites or online offers to maximise your savings.

Cashback sites

Make your purchases as normal but earn cash whilst you do so. Cashback sites will pay you when you shop with particular retailers. If you were going to buy merchandise anyway, these sites can be a valuable source of additional income.

Plan ahead

Taking a few minutes to list all the items you might need in the next six months to a year means you can snap them up as and when you see them on offer. This can help with financing costly occasions such as Christmas and birthdays.

Don’t buy food out

Take what you need with you! This not only saves money whilst still ensuring you can still enjoy your favourites, it also means you’re more likely to resist the temptation for a sugary snack if you already have a healthier option to hand.

Consider second hand

Second hand goods are frequently available in excellent condition for the fraction of the price of new. Instalment loans can give you rapid access to the funds you need in order to take advantage of stunning pre-loved bargains.

Follow these tips consistently and you should hopefully see a noticeable reduction in your outgoings, without the need for major cutbacks. Use the saved monies sensibly to decrease your debts or as an emergency pot to help in the event of an unexpected purchase or repair being needed.

Payday loans are not suitable for, and would be expensive as, a means of longer term borrowing and are not appropriate if you are in financial difficulty.

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