How to make money blogging

Wednesday, 27/08/2014

How to Make Money Blogging

Well, blogging is cool. People recognise you. They love to read what you think about the stuff you care about. But, at the end of the day what matters is how you monetize your blog. Getting paid for the thing that you love is awesome. But, the question remains how to establish that uphill task? Well there are a lot of tools such as AdSense, Amazon Associates, Private sponsorship etc. which can be used to do that. Nobody knows which tool will work for which blog but a combination of these tools will do wonders. It sure beats taking out another payday loan or re-financing your mortgage. It makes sense to give it a go for each one of them. Here we examine a few ways about how to make money blogging:


The mechanism is simple. You give permission to Google to place ads in your blog and Google in turn pay you depending on your web traffic. You don’t require any technical expertise to operate your AdSense account. To put this tool on your blog, you simply have to copy and paste the code. This is one of the biggest networks for online advertising and thus it will give you a wide variety of advertisers to work with. You can make money even if your blog is niche and the traffic is not that great.

Amazon Associates:

This is also fairly simple. Amazon pays you if any customers reach through the link in your blog. You receive a certain commission based on the purchase of the particular customer. This is independent of web traffic. Every time someone purchases something through your blog, you will get paid. It makes more sense for blogs which are product based or focus on user review.

Other affiliate programs:

While Amazon’s associate program is cool, it is not the only one. There are many affiliate programs which can help you to make a lot of money. For this to happen however, you have to possess good web traffic and a very good fan following. Once you build your audience you can always approach companies for an affiliate program. Companies often look for someone with a credible history and have very good fan base.

Private Sponsorship:

This happens at a much later stage. Once your blog gets established and you have a good fan base, you can always approach small companies for direct sponsorship. This is totally a numbers game and you need to convince a company that your blog would be able to deliver a significant sale or awareness about the product or service of a company.


You can sell e-books to your readers. That’s a very good source of generating income. But you need to have enough expertise to write one and still enough skill to make people buy your e-book. The first one is always difficult. If your first book gets recognition then you are on your way to make some great money.

Appearance and speaking fees

Once you make it big, you can always charge for participating in forums or discussions. Popular blogs get paid for their participation because of their huge fan base.

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