How to Make Money From Car Boot and Garage Sales

Wednesday, 27/08/2014

Yard sales, garage sales, or boot sales. Regardless of what you call them, these sales can be a good way to make some extra money, while de-cluttering your home. Every person possesses a lot of different things which are unnecessary and/or unwanted. A well-stocked and well organised garage or car boot sale can help you earn hundreds of pounds. Therefore, it is very important to plan these sales properly.

What Can You Sell?

While planning these sales, the sky's your limit. Your trash can be someone else’s treasure. If you’re planning this for the first time, you’ll be surprised with what people would buy. People choose everything from an old table that’s been with you for over 10 years to old home appliances.

While de-cluttering your home, you will find a lot of items you can put up for sale in car boot and garage sales. Some of the most popular items include books, toys, clothing, furniture, jewellery, general household items, old appliances, paintings and more. You can sell anything you want to de-clutter your home and earn some money.

Garage Sales

As the name suggests, a garage sale is held at home. However, if you don’t have a garage, you can organise it in your backyard or front lawn. You should set a particular date and advertise in advance. A leaflet drop in the neighbourhood can be a good idea. You can also create handmade signs and put them on different power poles in your area.

It is always better to set up tables with different price points. You should not label items individually as it can be very time consuming. You should get different coloured stickers for every table. Since people want good bargains at garage sales, you should price accordingly. The end goal should be to get rid of unnecessary items, and de-clutter your house.

Another good idea in summer months is to get some cans of fruit juice or soft drinks, and keep them on ice to sell to thirsty people. In case some customers don’t have cash in hand, it will be better to guide them to nearby cash machines.

Car Boot Sales

Car boot sales are held by different households coming together to sell unwanted items. Most of the time, these sales are held by community organisations like churches, charities and schools. Since car boot sales require customers to plan and drive, they attract a lot of bargain hunters. You may also be competing with many different sellers.

Therefore, you need to make your goods stand out. For instance, if you’re trying to get rid of clothes, it will be better to get them washed and ironed before putting them up for sale. Similarly, old appliances will get better prices when they’re in working condition. Once again, you need to price items accordingly.

Car boot sales and garage sales can be the best ways to get rid of clutter in your home, while making some good money. With proper planning and marketing of your sale, you can earn hundreds of pounds by selling things which you weren’t using anymore.

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