Suggests inexpensive things to do at Easter

Wednesday, 27/08/2014

Entertaining the kids during the Easter holiday

Easter break is already here and while children are off school for the holidays, it’s important for parents to know how to keep them entertained and occupied during this season. While planning Easter celebrations it is vital not to overlook the religious significance of this season. With the current economic situation, each parent tries to find activities that are cheap or even free for their kids. However, having fun and great family time is what makes Easter complete.

The focal point of the Easter celebrations is the Easter bunny for kids, therefore if you’re in church and searching for things your child can do, consider making the Easter bunny the centre of your theme. Here are some fun ideas to try out this year and even include a few of the activities into your Easter holiday practice.

Set up an Easter egg hunt

Children enjoy hiding and finding things, they would particularly like to search for eggs hidden in the park or garden. You can use huge plastic eggs instead of real eggs. Plastic eggs normally come in 100 packs and may cost less than real eggs. You can fill the plastic eggs with small candies or inspirational messages for added fun. Easter egg hunt is a great activity to do in church since you will have lots of kids wishing to participate. A kid with most eggs should be rewarded with a unique gift basket full of candies or other cool gifts. This will serve as an encouragement to others.

Guessing game

Get a jar filled with goodies for the Easter holiday or anything religious like crosses. Have the kids guess the quantity of items in that jar and then one who gets closest can get an Easter award. The award can be something small such as a bible, hymn book or even some stationery. This is a perfect Easter game to keep the kids entertained and recognize the significance of the season.

Tail pinning on a bunny

This is a cheap fun game because not much is needed to get started. All your require is a huge poster board and cotton balls. These items can be purchased at a local retail shop at affordable rates and create some exciting and fun moments for the kids. You can obtain a blindfold for the kids to be in the dark as they pin the tail on a bunny. First, you will have to draw a huge bunny on the poster board, make sure it occupies the entire board. Blindfold the kid and give him a piece of cotton ball. Spin the kid around for a short while and then release him to put the tail on the bunny. The kid who gets closer to putting the cotton ball on the right spot will get a reward.

Easter parade

You can also organize a parade for children to dress up like Easter bunnies or ducks. Have the kids march on the streets singing Easter tunes and giving out gifts. This is an ideal way of encouraging the spirit of sharing while at the same time teaching the kids the real meaning of Easter. You can serve some cookies and milk shakes after the procession.

These are great ways of entertaining the kids during the Easter holidays and ensure they have a memorable school break.

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