Save money domestically by getting the cookbook out

Monday, 05/01/2015

If you have a little extra time on your hands, you can save hundreds of pounds a month by home cooking things that you would usually buy. This is especially the case for sweet treats like cakes and cookies. For example, purchasing a typical packet of 5-10 cookies from the supermarket can cost anything between 1 and 4 pounds.

Making a batch of 20 biscuits or cookies yourself, costs around just 50p, and tastes so much better as they can be eaten fresh from the oven. All you need for a basic cake or batch of cookies is some flour, butter, sugar, an egg, and some vanilla extract, plus a pinch of salt and perhaps some chocolate chips or icing sugar.

What is more, once you have the ingredients in your kitchen cupboard, you can turn to them and whip up a free treat for yourself or the family whenever you need to. If you usually buy a couple of £2 packs of biscuits a week, for example, sit down and do the maths if you want a positive boost. When you see how much money you will save from making your own items, you will realise that by the end of the year you will be hundreds of pounds richer.

Other things that are quick and simple to make yourself at home and which will save your money include bread, pizzas, and sandwiches. Do you usually eat your lunch out when you are at work, for instance? A coffee, a juice, and a sandwich will usually set you back over £5 a day, and often will come in at more than £10, especially if you buy a slice of cake for pudding. Switch that trip to the cafe every lunchtime for a packed lunch and a thermos of home-brewed coffee and you are saving a huge amount weekly.

Don't worry if you do not have a cookbook at home. You can get plenty of recipe ideas, tips and tricks online or on social media. Just do a Google search for things like 'cakes' or 'packed lunches' for inspiration.

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