Save money on your shopping with the couponing craze

Wednesday, 21/01/2015

Saving money can be tough in the current economic climate - especially with many people still paying off the cost of Christmas. One area where savings can often be made, however, is in grocery shopping, where people often spend more than they need. We are inundated with tips on how to save money in the supermarket; tips from switching to supermarket own brand products to avoiding shopping when hungry to make it less likely that we'll overspend. While these are still tips that are very much relevant, there's another money saving trend that is sweeping the nation in the form of couponing.

By seeking out coupons and vouchers, a huge number of people are saving themselves a small fortune when it comes to grocery shopping. While some have the time to dedicate hours to searching out as many product vouchers as they can, others who have less available time will still find that they can make significant savings with very little effort.

Check magazines, newspapers and product packaging for any money saving vouchers that can be applied to products that you use, and keep an eye on sites such as SuperSavvyMe and manufacturers' own websites, which often feature vouchers that can be downloaded and printed. There are also websites dedicated solely to sourcing vouchers for members of the public to use; sites such as, which list out a variety of different coupons that cover a wide range of products.

Once armed with these coupons, simply visit, searching for the names of all of the products for which you have coupons to see if there are any current offers or price drops available in a variety of UK supermarkets that make these products free or very cheap. Once done, use the site to print out your shopping list and visit the store in question to redeem your coupons.

While it may seem like a lot of work, "extreme couponing" has hit the headlines in recent years, with one resourceful teen even managing to undertake his entire family's Christmas supermarket shop for just 4p in 2013. If you are looking to cut back on your grocery spend in 2015, then extreme couponing may well help.

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