Saving money on birthday presents

Wednesday, 27/08/2014

6 ways to save money on birthday presents

When practical sense meets thoughtfulness, there is a sure-fire formula for sound gift-giving. Regardless of how good it feels to make somebody else happy, the value of the gift must not be measured based on the money spent on it. The intent with which the gift is offered, as well as the purpose it can serve the recipient are some of the important things that matter. A good gift is certainly one that touches a chord on someone's heart, lifts the spirit and pastes a smile on the lips.

Here are 6 ways to save money on birthday presents

1.Have a list
Maintain a list of people - relatives, family, friends and close associates that you generally give gifts to. This should help you plan ahead of time and enable you to find the very best gift for the birthday. Choose something that comes in a number of colors or styles and give this to several people; bulk purchases can help you save a lot of money.

2.Look for a substitute
Whenever a particular gift you are interested in is not available or perhaps is costly, look for a suitable but cheaper replacement or substitute. Exercise your imagination without exceeding the budget you have decided for the gift.

3.Shop regularly in same stores
Make sure that you shop consistently on the same stores. Reward or loyalty programs can really add up and ultimately save you significant amount of money throughout the year.

4.Don’t shop right when you need gifts
You must not be shopping right when you need the gift - instead, you should be shopping beforehand - even before you know you need a gift for someone - to score the best offer.

5.Save those unwanted Christmas presents you get
Put them inside a strong cardboard carton so that they can be safe. Once Christmas has ended, bring them out and assign each one to your Birthday list for the year. Note: Make sure that you don't end up giving somebody the gift they gave you for Christmas!

6.Grab the deals
When you see something that you wish to buy for yourself and the shop has a 2 for the cost of one deal, quickly scan down your Birthday list and find out if there is anybody who you could give the second item to. Grabbing such deals allows you to save a lot of money in long run. For those who have friends that love takeouts, save the whole bunch of offers and deals that you get delivered in your mailbox, cut out all the offers you see in the local papers and print any deals that you could find on the web. Make sure that they won't expire prior to the targeted Birthday! Come with a big Birthday card, write your message inside and pack it with all the coupons you have collected. When opened all of the coupons will spill out making a great surprise ... and I assure you that they are going to use some of the coupons.


These are just few of the many ideas that you can use when getting personalized birthday gifts for your loved ones. Ultimately, it depends upon the habits of the individual you're giving the gift to, so take time to observe their dislikes and likes and factor those in when buying the birthday gift.

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