Saving Money on Fuel

Wednesday, 27/08/2014

6 Effective Tips To Save Money On Fuel

Fuel is a necessity of the modern world. Being fuel-efficient is the best way to ensure you don’t end up spending your entire monthly budget on fuel, there are more fun things to spend your money on. Let’s take a look at some tips that will make your car more fuel-efficient…

Get The Tire air Pressure Checked often

It is highly recommended to get your tire air pressure checked regularly before you get on with your daily routine. If the maximum recommended pressure falls down, you lose approximately 0.125% of your car’s fuel efficiency. For instance: your 25 mpg car will become a 24 mpg car if your tires are not aired up properly.

Minimize The Use Of Accelerating And Brake

Every time you accelerate the car, engine starts burning even more fuel. In short, the harder you accelerate the more fuel your car will burn. Similarly, every time you put your foot on the brake, you automatically compensate for too much acceleration and also ensuring that you’ll need to accelerate more soon, which automatically affects the fuel efficiency of your car.

Minimize The Use Of Heater And Air Conditioning

Both the functions burn plenty of fuel per mile. Technically, it is 20% more than usual.
All you need is to bring your car to a tolerable temperature and flip the a/c or heater off. It it’s too hot outside, it is better to roll down the windows, rather than using air conditioner for the entire route.

Get Rid Of Extra Weight

If you’ve kept any bulky items in your car’s rear, it is better to get rid of them unless you really need them. Most people have a habit of putting everything at the back of the car and never remember to take them out. This increases the load on the car and thus, affecting the fuel efficiency.

Get Your Car Serviced Regularly

Servicing means getting all oils changed at least once every 6 months. Fresh oil and lubricants keep your engine properly functioning, minimizing the load on other parts and thus increasing the fuel efficiency. Remember, old oil makes the parts of the vehicle run with less efficiency. Make sure you contact your service centre and get your car service scheduled at regular intervals.

Consider Putting Your Money In A Fuel-Efficient Vehicle

Last, but not the least! When you buy a car, it is important to make sure you are making a good purchase. There are plenty of models in the market that offer mush higher miles per gallon, which might need you to spend some extra money to start off with, but will definitely make you save money on fuel in the long run.

Saving money on fuel should not be seen as a difficult task. A bit of awareness can allow you to save over hundreds of pounds annually on fuel usage. Follow the given tips and you’ll surely find some money left in your monthly budget by the end of the month.

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