Tips for saving money on your car insurance

Monday, 10/11/2014

According to the RAC, one in three drivers are paying over the odds for their car insurance. With household bills rising year-on-year, it seems absurd that most drivers are wasting money they cannot afford to lose. By finding ways to lower the cost of their car insurance, drivers could save hundreds of pounds a year. Here a few tips they can use to stay on the right side of the law and save money.

Put someone else on the policy

One of the easiest ways for drivers to reduce the cost of their insurance is to add someone else to their policy. However, drivers must be aware of fronting - an illegal practice that involves telling an insurer that an older, more experienced driver is the main driver.

Park on the street

Insurers ask drivers where they park as the location has a direct impact on the risk of making a claim. Drivers may find that it is cheaper to park on the street than in a garage. One reason for this is that key thefts are more likely to occur when burglars are able to trace cars to owners’ homes.


Insurers will almost always bump up the cost of their coverage come renewal time. Drivers who are satisfied with their insurer, but not the price of their premiums, should not think twice about haggling over the price.

Ignore price comparison sites

Not all insurers list their deals on price comparison websites, but they still need to offer discounts to draw in new customers and keep themselves afloat. Motorists should therefore avoid price comparison sites and go direct to insurers to make the most of the deals on offer.

Avoid making unnecessary claims

For minor accidents, it is often cheaper for drivers to pay out for repair work themselves rather than make a claim through their insurer. Drivers who alert their insurer to an accident will end up paying more for their premiums, even if they do not pursue a claim through their insurer.

Provide an accurate job description

Insurance companies keep detailed accident records for all professions and this means that careful drivers who do not tweak their job titles to reflect the risk that they pose risk being penalised.

Saving money on car insurance need not be a trying task. By catching on to ways to reduce their premiums, drivers can avoid being taken for a ride.

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