Top three tips for a short-term cash boost

Friday, 29/05/2015

Households now have more bills and outgoings to consider than ever before. And although we’re also working as hard as we ever have done, the truth is that isn’t always enough to cover us before payday. From electricity, gas and water bills, to taxing our vehicles and paying for our kids’ school uniforms, a financial headache is seemingly never far away.

As one of the UK’s leading providers of instalment loans, we know exactly the sort of problems that our customers face in finding short-term funding solutions. Which is why here, we’ve listed some of our top short-term cash boost tips.

Sell your unwanted goods

Let’s face it – most of us have a whole cupboard full of odds and ends that we don’t want, yet don’t get rid of. Putting in the time to hold a car boot sale or list items on eBay might seem like hard work, but by having a massive clear-out of old clothes, shoes and electronic goods, the money will soon add up. Whether it’s an old TV or even an old set of books, a sale of your unwanted items can really help fill a funding gap. 

Switch energy providers

Although this isn’t an instant cash injection, it can certainly help free up some extra capital towards the end of a month. The government actively encourages households to keep changing energy providers and with good reason, too. In one month, around 130,000 households saved over £38 million accumulatively by doing so. Free, impartial sites such as can help homes save serious money. And if done soon far enough in advance, it could help you more than cover a short-term funding gap.

A short-term instalment loan

When used irresponsibly, it’s fair to say that a same day loan can sometimes do more harm than good. But for responsible households requiring a small cash boost in-between paydays, an instalment loan can prove to be a vital lifeline. Best suited to situations where recipients are able to pay the entirety of the loan upon the first repayment, these loans can help prevent the gas, telephone or heating being cut off.

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