Try a staycation to save on your holiday

Monday, 10/08/2015

Everyone loves a holiday, but it's not worth getting into financial hot water for a week away from the grind somewhere sunny. A weekend break for a couple can easily cost several hundred pounds - factor in kids and make it a week and you're unlikely to be able to get away for under a grand.

Of course, everyone needs a break, but with a few fun treats at home you could enjoy a brilliant staycation hanging out with your family at home - and be saving money in the process!

Work out what you can afford to spend on your staycation and set some money aside for it - that might mean saving £10 or £20 a month, whatever you can afford.

Plan a busy itinerary of activities you might not normally splash out on so it doesn't just feel like a normal week at home - have your kids always wanted to visit a local zoo or theme park? Now would be a great time to fulfil a wish like that!

Take the weight off your feet too, and set aside some of your staycation budget for some mealtime treats. For the little ones, that might include a trip to their favourite fast food restaurant or choosing some special desserts at the supermarket.

Meanwhile, Mum and Dad can skip out on the washing up and treat themselves to a takeaway or two once the kids have gone to bed, and a nice family meal out during the week - maybe for a roast dinner on Sunday?

Rope in friends and family to babysit and give you some time off from the kids to sit down with a book or enjoy an evening out with your partner - the kids will enjoy the novelty just as much as you will!

If you've overspent on your holiday and can't afford to pay your bills, why not consider instalment loans? It's a great way to spread the cost of big expenses, which you can pay back over several monthly or weekly instalments, making the burden much easier to bear.

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