World cup fever

Wednesday, 27/08/2014

At last the world cup is almost here!

It seemed like so far away, now excitement is building, and although England are going with the least amount of expectation of success I think they have ever had, the nation will soon start to dream, especially if they get off to a good start.

It would be amazing to go and see the boys play live in Brazil but for many of us the costs involved are far too much to contemplate. The price of flights, hotels and tickets can push into the thousands of pounds which only a few people can afford.
Not to worry. We can enjoy the party from here, and support the lads from the UK. It doesn’t need to cost a fortune either. World cup coverage will be on TV and you should be able to see every match. Pubs will be showing games and this can be a great place to watch the football with friends. Enjoying the experience in a crowd can be much more exciting than watching it at home. Some of the major towns and cities may also show the matches on big screens this really creates the carnival atmosphere of Rio and Brazil.

If however you like to hear the commentary and analysis and really study the game you can’t beat watching it on the TV at home. Be a sofa pundit and have your say on twitter and facebook. Watching the matches at home can also be a great way to see the world cup if you have a young family, as a rowdy pub may not be the right environment for kids. My earliest memory of the world cup is watching the 86 world cup in Mexico and the Maradona “Hand of God” and Lineker scoring loads of goals. And then 4 years later in Italy I remember watching the penalties from behind the sofa, when Germany beat us in the semi-finals. Gazza’s tears when he would have missed the final after receiving a yellow card in the semis. The world cup provides great family moments when people who don’t usually like football, get involved and support the national team.

If money is tight this year and affording a holiday this summer isn’t possible, the world cup can be a great distraction. Why not pick a match and make a theme party out of it, bring the flavours of Brazil to your house and invite your family and friends. Get a game of football going in the back garden or at the park and have some fun.
Let us just hope England go on a good run and surprise a few teams, with Roy’s boys being young and relatively inexperienced it could be their energy will see them through in the heat of Brazil. and The ultimate experience is watching the games live in Brazil, however, there are plenty of great ways to substitute this by staying home and making the most of world cup fever in the UK.

Come on England!

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